Hi, I am Sil, welcome to this page. I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Tarot reader. I love Tarot, specially the Rider-Waite- Smith deck. My journey into the Tarot world has been (and still is) a very exciting discovery. I started learning Tarot at the age of 15. My first deck was a present from my mum. She was (she now stopped for a Christian vote) a card reader. My mum used to read “Briscola card”, using them as a divination tool. The “Briscola cards” are tipical italian cards to play games and are the same of the Minor Arcana in the Marseille Tarot deck. I was so fascinated by her lectures. I remember people (actually I remember only women) coming to our house, having a coffee and then sitting with my mum, receiving their reading. I was fascinated by the kindness of my mum and by the emotional room that card readings were creating for the people who received it. My mum never read cards to me. She always said that cards can tell a lot, and that there are some things that I may want to keep for myself and maybe do not want to share with her. Now, that I know the power of cards, I appreciate her policy with her daughter. And I also realized that her approach to card readings as a fortune teller tool, was a bit scary for her. And maybe she was the one that did not want to know too much about my “future”.

Later in the days I also realized that my lectures would have to be free from superstitions, free from any religious affection. Tarots contains reference not only of Christian symbolism but also of hermetism, Kabala, Astrology, Gnosticism, Paganism, etc…

She then gave me a Tarot deck, as a gift, for my birthday. The same deck I still use today.

I already knew many of the meanings of the Minor Arcana, based on my observation during her readings (when people agreed, I could sit close to them and silently listen) and I started studying the meanings and symbolism of Major Arcana by myself, with an old book she also gave me.

I am very grateful that my mum was a respectful teacher. She did teach me the first lesson. Everybody can read cards, cards are a tool and if you are open enough (and we all are), they simply will talk to you.

I was very clear from the beginning that my approach would not have being based on predicting the future, but more based on exploring the present.

I do not believe that anything can predict what will happen. I do believe there are powerful tools that can help us to see where we are in the present, in order to shape our future, as we want.

As a Zen and Mindfulness practitioner I truly believe in the present. The only thing that exist here and now.

The intuitive method I follow, is a fascinating mix of psychic reading and simple observation of the card itself. Letting the card speak and letting the receiver active in observing what the card is telling them.

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